Hair Extensions in Scottsdale

Hair Extensions by Ramon Bacaui Salon

Not only are Ramon Bacaui Salon and Med Spa stylists renowned for expert application of natural-looking Hair Extensions, Ana Leah Bacaui travels and trains hairdressers from around the globe on the latest in hair extension application, technique, and trends.

Ana Leah Bacaui and the team have extensive training and experience on creating  hair extensions for thinning hair, damaged hair, to gain length quickly, or to conceal the damage caused by chemical straighteners.

GVA Extensions

We use the highest grade of human hair, which is pre-bonded with a keratin tip. This advanced keratin bonding technology is combined with state-of-the-art professional electronic application equipment to produce a safe, incredibly easy-to-use extension system that allows you to create natural-looking results for your clients without any damage to their existing hair.

For GVA wholesale orders, please call us.

Meet Piper Stoekel, Miss Arizona and Ana Leah Bacaui Hair Extension Client

Scottsdale Celebrity Hair Extensions
Scottsdale Best Hair Extensions

”I can’t even explain how much I love my new extensions. Thank you Ana Leah and everyone at the salon! I had a wonderful day and now have lovely locks!!!”

Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Hair Extensions Thin Hair Scottsdale
Hair Extensions Thin Hair Scottsdale

In this case, Ana Leah’s client was looking for a very natural-looking solution for thin, flat locks. The fabulous thing about hair extensions is that they’re not just for celebrities – but for every woman who wants beautiful hair that looks chic and sophisticated. Hair Extensions can even help conceal hair loss and thinning hair.

Hair Extensions for Damaged Hair

Hair Extensions Damaged Hair Scottsdale
Hair Extensions Damaged Hair Scottsdale

Hair extensions can be a great solution to hide hair that has been damaged by chemically straighteners or other damage. African American women and women with curly hair find that hair extensions can be a welcome solution to a lifetime of hair struggles.

Hair Extensions for African American Women

Hair Extensions for Black Women Phoenix
Hair Extensions for African American Women Phoenix

Since many black women use chemical straighteners to relax hair, it can be be prone to damage, thinning, and frizziness. Hair extensions applied by a skilled and certified hair extensions stylists can help conceal damage temporarily until the new hair grows in, or it can be a permanent solution.

Hair Extensions To Gain Length – Fast!

With the advent of hair extensions, it is no longer necessary to wait months or even years for hair to “grow out.” You can change from short hair to long hair as the seasons change.