Hair Extensions

At Ramon Bacaui Salon and Med Spa, our stylists are recognized for their detailed application of natural-looking hair extensions as one of the many services we offer. 

Ana Leah Bacaui, one of the top experts in the industry, not only perfects her craft locally but also journeys globally to educate and train hairdressers on the cutting-edge techniques including the latest trends in hair extension application.

Whether you’re dealing with thinning hair, damage, or simply desire more length and volume, Ana Leah Bacaui and our professional team at our local family owned salon specialize in creating customized, natural-looking hair extensions to enhance your look and boost your confidence. We skillfully tailor our hair extensions to meet your specific needs, ensuring you leave looking and feeling your best. This makes us the top choice in Scottsdale, AZ, for transforming your hair dreams into reality.

Hair Extensions in Scottsdale by Ramon Bacaui Salon​

Instant Length and Volume​

With a variety of different types and styles to choose from, hair extensions are the perfect way to add significant length and volume to your hair instantly. Whether you’re struggling with hair that won’t grow past a certain length or you’re dealing with thinning hair that lacks volume, our high-quality extensions can provide you with the length and fullness you’ve always wanted.

Color and Style Versatility

Imagine changing your hair color or style without any commitment or risk of damage. Hair extensions allow you to experiment with color highlights or lowlights without jeopardizing your natural strands. Want to add some sun-kissed highlights or try out an ombre effect? With extensions, you can explore different styles and colors.

Camouflage and Protection

For those struggling with hair loss or hair damage due to over-styling, chemical treatments, or health issues, hair extensions can be a lifesaver. They not only conceal areas of concern but also protect your natural hair from various weather conditions and heat, allowing it to grow healthier.

Extraordinary Results

One of the advantages of high-quality hair extensions from Ramon Bacaui Hair Salon is how seamlessly they blend with your natural hair, allowing for effortless styling with the exact personalization you are looking for. For busy women, these extensions significantly reduce the time needed for daily styling, providing greater freedom and flexibility in your routine.

Boosted Self-Esteem and Confidence

Hair is often seen as a reflection of our identity, and it’s no secret that a good hair day can significantly boost our self-esteem. Extensions can give you that confidence every day, which will uplift your mood no matter where you go.

Specialized Hair Extension Solutions

Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Hair Extensions Thin Hair Scottsdale
Hair Extensions Thin Hair Scottsdale

In this case, Ana Leah’s client was looking for a very natural-looking solution for thin, flat locks. The fabulous thing about hair extensions is that they’re not just for celebrities – but for every woman who wants beautiful hair that looks chic and sophisticated. Hair Extensions can even help conceal hair loss and thinning hair.

Hair Extensions for Damaged Hair

Hair Extensions Damaged Hair Scottsdale
Hair Extensions Damaged Hair Scottsdale

Hair extensions can be a great solution to hide hair that has been damaged by chemically straighteners or other damage. Women with curly hair find that hair extensions can be a welcome solution to a lifetime of hair struggles.

Hair Extensions To Gain Length – Fast!

With the advent of hair extensions, it is no longer necessary to wait months or even years for hair to “grow out.” You can change from short hair to long hair as the seasons change.

Why Choose Ramon Bacaui Hair Salon and Med Spa for hair extension services?

Expertise and Experience

At Ramon Bacaui, our team is known for their expertise in hair extension application. Ana Leah Bacaui, one of our salon’s master stylists, travels the world to train other hairdressers, ensuring our techniques are always on the cutting edge of fashion and functionality.

Tailored and Personal Approach

As a locally owned, family-run business, we treat every customer like family. We understand that each client has unique desires and needs, which is why we offer personalized consultations to create the perfect look tailored to each individual. Our goal is to make you feel welcomed and cherished from the moment you step into our salon.

Commitment to Quality

We use only the highest quality hair extensions to ensure the most natural look and feel. Our extensions are designed to be safe for all hair types, minimizing any potential damage to your natural hair to put your mind at ease for the longevity you want. Our hair extension brands include:

Community and Trust

Being a local family-owned business, we thrive on building lasting relationships with our clients and the Scottsdale community. Our clients trust us not only because of our premium service but also because of our commitment to treating each client as part of our extended family.

A Comfortable Experience

Our salon is not just about hair—it’s also about the experience. We provide a relaxing environment where you can unwind and enjoy being our top priority. From the moment you walk in, you’ll feel the difference in the attention to detail and the personalized care that sets us apart.

Meet Piper Stoekel, Miss Arizona and Ana Leah Bacaui Hair Extension Client

Scottsdale Celebrity Hair Extensions
Scottsdale Best Hair Extensions

”I can’t even explain how much I love my new extensions. Thank you Ana Leah and everyone at the salon! I had a wonderful day and now have lovely locks!!!”

GVA Extensions

We use the highest grade of human hair, which is pre-bonded with a keratin tip. This advanced keratin bonding technology is combined with state-of-the-art professional electronic application equipment to produce a safe, incredibly easy-to-use extension system that allows you to create natural-looking results for your clients without any damage to their existing hair.

For GVA wholesale orders, please call us.

Why Choose Ramon Bacaui Hair Salon and Med Spa for hair extension services?

Choosing to get hair extensions at Ramon Bacaui Hair Salon and Med Spa means choosing to invest in your beauty and confidence. With our expert stylists, high-quality extensions, and a commitment to personalized care, we ensure you will leave our salon not only looking your best but also feeling like part of our Scottsdale family.

Visit us to explore the amazing possibilities with hair extensions and learn how we can make your dream hair a reality.

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